Women Leading Communities - COVID-19 Response

                                                 Cllr. Sarah Mamvura - Zaka - Masvingo Province

Ward 2 - Bvukururu- Zaka is in the middle of Masvingo Province and is a very hot, dry and drought prone area that has been experiencing hunger due to consecutive droughts. Worse still being a rural area, there are high levels of poverty and a large number of homesteads are female headed as men have left for greener pastures in neighbouring South Africa. With the coming of coronavirus, I am afraid we shall endure increased hunger and poverty.

What I managed to do as the councillor since COVID 19 started affecting our country, was to disseminate clear and factual information on the corona virus and its impact to all village heads and village health workers who went door to door to every village and educated our people about the disease. So my community is aware of this deadly virus but the challenges that may lead to the spread of the virus are lack of finances to buy soap, sanitizers, masks and the difficulty we face just to get a bucket of clean water for use in the home.

Due to poverty in our area, most homesteads are using natural remedies easily accessibly in rural areas i.e. the use of ash, sand, lemons and trees to wash hands. The village health workers have been encouraging community members to drink warm water with lemon and other natural teas to boost their immunity system.

Having worked with WiPSU as a female Councilor, I am glad it has come to our rescue and given us soap which I have distributed to the most vulnerable members of my ward.

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