About WiPSU

In the year 2000, Zimbabwean feminists sat down in a garden in Harare and had a conversation around women’s participation in the political processes that were taking place at the time, as well as women’s engagement in Parliament. For the first time in Zimbabwe, there were women in Parliament from across the political divide. Therefore women from various political parties, representing diverse comm...

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How we work

We interact with communities at grassroots level in bringing to life the conversation on how to support female leaders.

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Supporting Equality

WiPSU encourages equality by providing non-partisan support to women as political constituents

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Our door is open

Our door is open to all women regardless of location, race, tribe or political affiliation. Come through and say Hi.

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We currently don't have any upcoming events.

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WiPSU seeks to increase women’s both qualitative and quantitative participation in policy and decision making in Zimbabwe

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