The WiPSU 50/50 Campaign is the key campaign run by the organisation with a basis in the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development on women’s political participation. WIPSU launched its 50/50 Campaign in November 2006 with the aim of motivating women to transform from being merely participants in electoral processes to players in electoral process. Making sure women were visible in the Right to Vote and to Be Voted For. This campaign sought to facilitate the attainment of the benchmarks set by key regional and international human rights instruments.

The 50/50 Campaign emphasises women’s qualitative and quantitative political participation as being important in a transformatory process for broad based development for the women of Zimbabwe.

The 50/50 Campaign is used to promote women’s participation in decision making through promoting, supporting and facilitating for the increase in the voice, choice and space of and for women as they engage with the politics of Zimbabwe.

The 50/50 Campaign encourages women to participate in politics at all levels of public and community engagement demystifying elected office and decision making. . It encourages broad based public debate and dialogue on governance issues whilst providing a platform for women to add their voice to the debate on political representation and participation aiming to change socio-cultural bias that currently does not deliver for women.

WiPSU has since the inception of the 50/50 Campaign engaged and supported women the various governance, electoral political party spaces in Zimbabwe, at various levels, to lobby for among other things the ratification of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, and enshrinement of equal representation of women in politics in the Constitution making process of Zimbabwe. As a result of the Campaign, and a broad based women’s lobby, the new Constitution of Zimbabwe now provides for proportional representation at Senate level with a Zebra part list and 60 specific seats for women at provincial level in Parliament

vote-for-a-Woman-imageVote For A Woman

The Vote for a Woman Campaign is a political campaign that seeks to influence the Zimbabwean voters to vote for female candidates. It however focuses on mobilizing women to support other women in their political ambitions. It is therefore run in the period leading up to any national election in Zimbabwe.

The Vote for A Woman Campaign therefore seeks to amplify the campaigns of women candidates and supports the candidature of women in various was. The ultimate vision of the Campaign is to have women voted in to take up 50% of the seats available in Parliament and Local Government and to draw upon voters and women in particular to vote for a women.